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A will is very important for several reasons. Any adult of sound mind is entitled to make a will. First of all, it allows you to designate someone to handle your affairs. In addition, a will enables you to direct, in writing, how your real and personal property will be distributed. A will may also contain a provision for the guardianship of minor children, and may appoint someone to execute the will. If you do not have a will, the court will appoint an administrator to distribute your property according to law.

The will must be typewritten and must expressly state that it is your will. You must date and sign the will in front of at least two witnesses. These witnesses should be people who will not inherit anything under the will. You can deposit your will with any superior court in Alaska although it is not required. If you deposit your will with the court, it will be kept in a secure place, confidential and accessible to you.

The deposit of wills for safekeeping is governed by Alaska Statutes 13.11.315-.320 and Probate Rule 5. Should you choose to deposit your will, you must take it to the superior court clerk's office. The court clerk will ask you to sign an "Agreement and Receipt for Deposit of Will." This agreement lists the names and addresses of the person(s) who may receive a copy of the will upon your death. The court clerk will give you a receipt for the will. It is your responsibility to be sure the appropriate person(s) know you have deposited your will with the court and that they should contact the court upon your death. The Court charges a $40.00 deposit fee.

Living Wills
A living will, also known as a Healthcare Directive, contains instructions regarding health care and life support should a person become terminally ill. A living will is usually prepared while a person is in a rational state of mind, before he or she becomes either mentally or physically incapacitated. The directive creates a contract with the attending physician. Once the doctor receives a properly executed directive, he or she is obligated to honor the instructions contained within the living will. A Living Will does NOT impact who gets your property or who is your Personal Representative or Guardian of your minor children. It is ONLY a "medical directive" and prepared according to Alaska Statute A.S. 18.12.010.

A written change to a will is known as a Codicil. Like a will, it must be dated, signed and have witnesses. Also, it must mention the will you are changing. A codicil can be used to change a will to add to the contents of a will, subtract from the contents of the will or make typographical corrections.
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