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Speeding Tickets

You got a speeding ticket....Now what?

Here are the types of pleading available to you that you can enter for your ticket:

I made a mistake, here's my money, raise my insurance.

No Contest
All right I'm guilty, but I just don't want to tell you. Here's my money, raise my insurance."

NOT Guilty
This is what you should be interested in. Not guilty does not necessarily mean that you did not commit the crime. All it means is that the Prosecutor now has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you DID commit the crime. The Prosecution has the burden of proof, not you. If the citing officer does not show up for the trial, that's not your problem, it's the prosecution's. All you have to do is, enter a simple motion to dismiss due to the lack of prosecution's witness.

   The items you might normally need for a radar speeding ticket are the following: repair records, manufacturers manual and specifications, a log of the calibrations, copy of the repair calibration, accuracy of the tuning fork, the arrest record of the police officer for three months prior to the date of your offense, his log for the day of your citation, notes of your traffic stop, a speedometer calibration certificate, officer's radar training certificates, all the maintenance and the repair records and the service records for the patrol car that was used in stopping you for your violation. (“Beat Your ticket,” Nola)

   We have form interrogatories, demands for production and other discovery to help you!
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