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General Warranty Deed
A Deed is a legal document that transfers rights to land. Some deeds contain promises about the land. These promises are called "warranties." In most real estate transactions, a Warranty Deed is required to transfer the property and land to another person or entity. The warranty here is that the person selling the property has the legal right to sell this property to another party, either through ownership or as the agent for the owners.

Quitclaim Deed
A quit-claim deed is used to transfer all or a portion of your property into someone else's name. Quit-claim deeds are commonly used by couples getting a divorce. After a quit-claim deed is signed and notarized it should be recorded in the county where the property is located. A Quitclaim Deed is generally used to transfer property between family members or in a divorce. It does not contain any warranties.

Promissory Note/Deed Of Trust
A Promissory Note is a written agreement to pay back borrowed money. When the money is borrowed to buy real estate, a Deed of Trust (or Trust Deed) generally accompanies the Promissory Note. A Deed of Trust transfers title to property to a third person, called a "trustee." In this case, a trustee is generally a title or escrow company. The trustee holds title to the property as security (collateral) for the loan. When the loan is paid off the trustee transfers title to the borrower.
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