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A divorce legally ends a marriage. Sometimes, a divorce is called a "dissolution" or "dissolution of marriage." To get divorced, one person or both people must file a document. Some states call this document a "complaint" or a "petition." Usually, a divorce will include an arrangement for child custody and support. Also, a divorce generally includes an agreement on how to divide property. When both people agree on these issues, the divorce is "uncontested." After divorce, both people can marry again.

The custody and visitation law has changed in family cases with any domestic violence between the parents. House Bill 385 (2004) went into effect of July 1, 2004 and applies to divorce, dissolution, and custody cases. Under the new law, the parent who committed the domestic violence may not get custody or visitation. However, the parent may get some custody or visitation if he or she meets specific legal requirements.

If there is any history of domestic violence in your relationship, you should talk with a lawyer about how this law will impact your case As is the case with any new law, there are likely to be aspects that are open to interpretation.
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