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Alaska Paralegal Services, Inc. offers traditional paralegal services to attorneys only. If you are a sole practitioner or small firm that cannot or does not want to employ a full-time paralegal, call Alaska Paralegal Services today so you and your clients can benefit from the assistance of a Robert Morris College and University of San Diego certified paralegal graduate with 27 years legal firm experience without the full-time employee obligations.

For attorneys, services offered include, but are not limited to, case organization and/or maintenance, pleading preparation, correspondence preparation, dictation transcription, Motznik research, discovery/response preparation, deposition summaries, medical record organization and summaries, expert witness assistance, deposition attendance, trial preparation, maternity leave/sick time fill-in or any other paralegal/legal secretarial assistance you may need.
All information contained herein is the property of Alaska Paralegal Services & Self-Help Legal Center, LLC. No material and/or information contained herein is authorized for any type of reproduction in any manner whatsoever without express written authorization. Any unauthorized duplication or any other use of the materials and/or information contained herein, shall constitute intentional infringement and shall further contitute a violation of our copyrights or violation of any other rights available. Without further notice we will prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Important Notice & Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
Alaska Paralegal Services & Self Help Legal Center, LLC is in complete compliance with AS. 08.08.230 regarding the Unauthorized Practice of Law. We are not attorneys, nor do we portray to be. All parties are "pro se " and will file any and all court documents as "pro se." We do not offer or provide any legal advice, opinions, conclusions, persuasions or otherwise. The services provided are only administrative and of a clerical nature and are based solely on educated civil opinion and common prototype. Alaska Paralegal Services & Self Help Legal Center, LLC also dba Alaska Legal Typing is a document preparation company and makes no guarantee or warranty on forms purchased for or authorized by our customers. Alaska Paralegal Services & Self Help Legal Center, LLC urges the public to seek the advice of a qualified attorney before making any final legal decisions.

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